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Clean Seas Regatta

Limit use of plastics

Promotion of reusable drinking water and drinks containers - special water refilling stations - eliminating single use plastics - all recyclable containers - no straws - reusable race packs - recyclable and compostable drinks and food containers

Green transport

Convenient DART resources from Iarnrod Eireann - ferry service with Dublin Bay Cruises from Dun Laoghaire - provision of addition bicycle racks - local accommodation - Dublin Bus service directly to and from the harbour

Waste reduction

Stringent application of ISAF Rule 55 - responsible dinnerware - waste management system - RNLI bottle and can recycling station - perpetual prizes - online entry system - paperless transactions - elimination of run-off for duration of regatta 

Energy reduction

LED lighting - fuel efficiencies for race management on the water

Green award

For the boat and team that is outstanding in their efforts to participate in the Clean Regattas programme and highlights best practices 

Our green team 

If you have any inquiries regarding Howth Yacht Club's Clean Regattas programme, contact one of our green team here

Wave Regatta Logo white transparent.png
'Wave Regatta wins Irish Sailing Sustainability Award 2018 at Volvo Irish Sailing Awards and GOLD Level Clean Regattas Certificate' from SAILORS FOR THE SEA
Howth YC Sustainability Brian Turvey, Pa
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